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To technological innovation as the core competitiveness of enterprises, collaborative advantages of resources at home and abroad, relying on digital audio, audio, IT software, hi-tech areas such as personnel, to establish an open innovation system and the independent team, the full integration of the global electronic information Industrial technology, enhance the power of independent research and development to master the digital audio, speakers, the development of core technology. Leading companies in developing more and more powerful IP network digital broadcasting, NC network broadcast the same time, the traditional PA system upgraded, more projects successfully constructed and the stability of targeted professional audio systems.

Characteristics of Management

1、5S management: the introduction of 5S management, stressed that "order, straighten, sweep, clean, quality. "
2、environmentally friendly facility: the company according to ISO14000 standards and focus on building "environmentally friendly factory. "
3、Target management: the specified time and goals, to promote the established objectives, emphasizing execution.

Quality requirements and certification

5S site management continues to advance on the basis of strict license ISO9001: 2000 quality system for production organization and management. Uphold the "quality is life, defect is the shame, "the quality policy, the company established in 2005, has been the "customer satisfaction"as a quality management standard to judge; in strict accordance with ISO9000 standards development, design, manufacture,

inspection, service, To ensure stable product quality, from raw materials / components inspection, circuit board welding, products made of semi-finished / finished debugging to all aspects of the aging experiments, are in strict accordance with the detection and identification of indicators of the quality of the control, and has passed the National compulsory 3C, Southeast Asia and CB certification.
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